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Worked out & rocked a boat load of hair this week. Came home last nite for a luxurious soak in the tub & fell asleep early reading a smashingly great book! Shannon Wing, so this is what a well rested sober 6 am looks like...not too shabby! Think I start a new blog ;)

(Fri Apr 20, 9:53 am).

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SUPER FABULOUS! Definitely sarcastic & a wee tad offensive. Shalyn Manson is not for everyone. You may wish to speak to a physician to determine whether or not I’m right for you. Love or hate me I teamed up with my inner demons long ago to ensure the rocked out fanfreakintasticness of yours truly & those lucky bastard’s I surround myself with. Fighting who we are only brings a lifetime of disappointment so get down with your badassity to join me in the war for World Domination. Shay Nation is your viable 3rd party!

This site is new so I will finish filling it up asap. Then you can expect weekly rants from me till death do us part!

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